What Game of Thrones can teach us about AI

Frank Casale headshot

‘We alone own the direction of AI, as we are its creators; we must come together to guide its positive evolution’

How true crime shows are impacting the justice system

Trial by TV is criticised by some, but others insist it has the potential to overturn miscarriages of justice that would otherwise go unchallenged

What businesses can learn from Netflix

The award-winning Netflix Original drama Stranger Things received much critical acclaim and has been renewed for a second season

In a fast-changing digital world, entertainment giant Netflix is a role model in how to transform your business and stay ahead of the curve

The future of virtual reality in entertainment

Virtual reality is adding an extra dimension to gaming and moving into interactive cinema as entertainment calls on new levels of technology

Theme parks are no mickey mouse industry

The multi-billion-dollar theme park industry is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, at a time of continued innovation and accelerating change

Bring the Harry Potter films to life

Harry Potter fans have rewarded Warner Bros.’ decision to open a UK studio tour which turns the blockbuster movies into reality

Protecting your brand from copycats

Building a brand and protecting intellectual property by registering trademarks may be a legal rollercoaster ride

Themed entertainment… take us away

Themed entertainment is tied to economic growth in Asia and the United Arab Emirates, as well as emerging markets. It impacts on real estate, entertainment and media, intellectual property, technology and international business collaboration, says Judith Rubin, Themed Entertainment Association