Leadership and employee engagement: the essential guide

The fourth instalment in our series, Raconteur Guides for Business, explores the business benefits of employee engagement and the leadership skills required to boost productivity, drive profit and keep staff motivated

The top 10 perks: naps, yoga and sound therapy…

Company cars and bowls of fruit may be underwhelming. How about giving staff something that will really fire them up, such as yoga and sound therapy or comedy nights and mind-blowing parties? Here are ten unusual benefits which really deliver…

Social media and communication tools to win over staff

Communicating with employees through user-friendly channels is necessary to keep staff engaged with company objectives

Bespoke benefits mean more

One size no longer fits all when it comes to staff benefits and enlightened employers are offering different perks to suit an increasingly diverse workforce

Flexible working for more productive employees

Allowing employees to work when and where they like makes for contented staff and benefits the business often at little or no cost to the company

Using saving for retirement as a benefit

Automatic enrolment into a pension scheme is now a significant benefit for workers throughout the UK – and a way for employers to engage and motivate staff

Getting engagement right to motivate staff

An effective engagement strategy can increase productivity and deliver a healthier bottom line, as well as attract and retain high-performing staff

Power of engagement drives up profit

Companies increasingly recognise the power of a well-executed engagement strategy to motivate a changing workforce to invest effort in growing the business