Is technology dehumanising the workplace?

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Sometimes seen as the answer to staffing problems, human resources technology cannot replace face-to-face chat

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Taking mental health seriously is good for workers and business

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Poor mental health not only brings anguish to individuals in the workforce, it costs UK business dear

‘Workplace wellbeing is about driving business because organisations which look after staff attract and keep the best talent’

Debi O'Donovan

Business leaders are wising up to the power of using workplace wellbeing strategies to drive up engagement, improve company culture and ultimately boost productivity

Employers that help staff prepare for retirement can avoid low productivity

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Ensuring staff save enough for retirement can engage employees and avoid low productivity among those who cannot afford to give up work

10 quirky employee benefits that have been effective

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A kind word can motivate staff more than cold cash. But what else can fire them up? Here are ten unusual benefits proven to work

When a pat on the back is worth more than a pay rise

Timely recognition of a job well done can be enough to energise and motivate staff – and worth more than a pay rise

How data analysis helps you to know your workforce

Human resources chiefs are increasingly demonstrating the worth of people analytics as businesses reap the benefits of getting to know their staff better