Getting the best from your team

Getting the best from your team

New management structures which empower staff cannot succeed without strong leadership, as Dan Matthews discovers

New ways of working are a win-win

New ways of working are a win-win

Profit is driven by creativity, innovation and productivity, each of which relies on an engaged workforce motivated by their work environment, writes Edwin Smith

What does Gen Y want?

What does Gen Y want

Alec Marsh finds out how to attract, retain and engage the gifted employees of Generation Y

Keeping good staff

Keeping good staff

Data analysis software can aid human resources experts to recruit and retain talented staff, just as gamification of tasks can motivate the workforce, writes Tom Fox-Brewster, but both should be handled with care

Adapting to a new world of work

The modern workplace is changing at a frightening pace. Employers need to face up to shifting demands of workers, changes to how and where people work, employees working later into life and more fluid relationships with staff or contractors

Looking after staff and the bottom line

Forward-looking employers, who wish to retain key personnel, should invest in a comprehensive staff wellness strategy, says Unum

An office designed for the individual to drive organisational performance


For companies seeking more from their workplace, a Living Office could be the solution

Get ready for work in 2030

Although it may feel at times as though we’re struggling to keep track of whose tea round it is, let alone the projects we’re working on, keeping abreast of change is a vital part of working life