How digital is boosting the market research business

Digital market research

Big data surveys may be more lucrative in a flat market, but high-end qualitative research remains important to the industry

Is digital market research ever enough?

Times Square

From loyalty card data to online buying behaviour, Google searches to website clicks, the digital explosion is offering up vast amounts of information about consumers and voters

Using social media to understand your customers

The Insight Economy illustration

Media is mostly planned around demographic profiles, but adding qualitative and quantitative research to test hypotheses uncovered on social platforms is an exciting development

How to manage ‘internet of assets’

Asset management internet city

The discipline of asset management is evolving with the changing nature of business in a fast-moving digital world

Would you share your patient data to save lives?

Google’s AI subsidiary DeepMind Health was given access to five years’ worth of patient data for 1.6 million people by the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust

Used ethically, NHS patient data has the potential to improve healthcare and save lives

Would you hand over your phone to enter the US?

Apple Supporters Protest In Front Of FBI Headquarters In Washington DC

Soon foreign visitors entering the US may have to hand over their smartphone and share social media passwords with border officials. Oliver Pickup investigates the privacy and human rights implications of this new proposed policy

Protecting IP from bloggers and tweeters

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With possible infringements of intellectual property rights online, social media has added an extra layer of complexity to the law

CIOs at the heart of digital shift


Chief information officers have a pivotal role to play in a digital data-driven era when their performance can make or break an organisation