Protecting against the misuse of data from wearables

The information they collect is personal, so companies developing wearable technology must ensure privacy and protect against the misuse of data

Protecting your IP from cyber criminals

The theft of valuable intellectual property by cyber criminals can bring a company to its knees, so a robust defence strategy is essential to remain standing

It’s European dis-union

It's European dis-union

Not for the first time, the UK and the European Union do not see eye to eye, as Stuart Lauchlan discovers

Privacy concerns with wearable tech

We already share much personal information with big technology providers and, as Kate Bevan reports, wearable devices are also now gathering your data

Legal world of internet of things

A world where everything intelligently connects via mobile networks is no longer something in the distant future – it is already here, increasingly influencing almost every facet of industry and the way we manage our lives, says Purvi Parekh, a partner in Olswang LLP and head of the law firm’s international telecom practice

Legal detail is crucial

An outsourcing arrangement which lacks legal finesse is doomed to end in tears, as Jonathan Ames discovers

What’s to be done about big data?

Unprecedented amounts of valuable data are now available for analysis by commercial and public-sector organisations, but this information constitutes intellectual property, writes Trevor Clawson

New euro data fines on the way

A new European Union data protection regime seeks to safeguard citizens’ privacy and will introduce stringent regulations affecting businesses across Europe, writes Stephen Pritchard