Data privacy in a personalised media world

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Targeting audiences and improving customer experience are based on using personal data with its inherent risks to privacy

Open banking fails to get consumer buy in

Workers leaving Canary Wharf

An initiative designed to open up banking, mainly to third-party fintech providers, and expand consumer choice seems so far to have failed to gain widespread trust

How winning customers’ trust earns valuable data

Consumers are soon to get greater control over their personal details, setting businesses the challenge of retaining customers’ consent to use the valuable data

Smart packaging brings challenges to privacy in the home

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Smart packaging brings convenience and safety - but opens questions about data use

Protecting against the misuse of data from wearables

The information they collect is personal, so companies developing wearable technology must ensure privacy and protect against the misuse of data

Protecting your IP from cyber criminals

The theft of valuable intellectual property by cyber criminals can bring a company to its knees, so a robust defence strategy is essential to remain standing

It’s European dis-union

It's European dis-union

Not for the first time, the UK and the European Union do not see eye to eye, as Stuart Lauchlan discovers

Privacy concerns with wearable tech

We already share much personal information with big technology providers and, as Kate Bevan reports, wearable devices are also now gathering your data