Getting to the root of maritime piracy

Probably the most feared crime at sea, piracy can be the result of illegal or unregulated fishing displacing fisherman who turn to maritime robbery and extortion

How fraud could destabilise global economies

Fraud, like the mythical Hydra of Ancient Greece, is a many-headed foe that is capable of disrupting society in a number of ways

Cryptocurrency: restoring reputation for the future

man looking at screen with code on it

In the early days, cryptocurrencies may have been misused by the underworld, but criminals should watch out as cryptos come clean

All eyes on the sea to net illegal fishing trawlers

Illegal fishing map

Mobilising a global citizens’ watch over the oceans is helping to combat the crime of illegal fishing

Getting tough on cyber crime

Faced with an increasingly powerful and organised enemy, organisations now have no choice but to mobilise in the fight against the cyber attackers

Catching hackers is not getting easier

Law enforcement agencies are fighting a tough battle against hackers, who cover their tracks and hide in cyberspace to carry on hacking, but the bad guys can make mistakes and there have been arrests and successful prosecutions

Treatment not incarceration

Treatment not incarceration

Reoffending poses an urgent problem among petty criminals and should be addressed with alternatives to jail

Combating rogue traders is a very real challenge

Faking it costs the government, industry and consumers dear and, as Joanna Goodman reports, counterfeiting is a crime of the past, present and future