Bridging the gap to growth

Ever-increasing amounts of data call for an innovative approach to managing whole-project information

Getting small builds off the ground

When UK housebuilders find it tough to get funding there is a specialist in development finance that can save the project

Smart cities mean big business

The third instalment in our series, Raconteur Guides for Business, reveals the business potential of connected cities. As technology and the city unite through the Internet of Things, enterprises are set to cash in on the transformation of urban life.

Constructing an industry for the 21st century

The construction industry is replenishing the UK’s housing stock, building new infrastructure and helping restore the economy, but challenges remain if it is to attract and retain a forward-looking workforce

Why a career in construction?

A negative public image, tough competition from other sectors and “stop-go” government policies have meant the construction industry must now fight hard to attract the best people

Fixing Britain’s housing crisis

It’s a political hot potato – and building enough new homes will boost the UK’s economy as well as win votes

A digitally-built Britain

Adoption of government-backed digital technologies signals a new era for the construction industry which promises greater efficiencies and cost-savings

Sustainable building is beautiful

Green buildings bring nature into urban spaces and have significant advantages in terms of energy-saving insulation, water management and combatting pollution