Change is in the air with city pollution

Heavy smog shrouding construction sites in Beijing

The construction sector stands accused as a polluter, but has an opportunity to clean up its act

Construction: an industry ripe for tech disruption

Future of Construction illustration

Despite some reticence, the construction industry is on the cusp of a technology revolution which will reshape its future

‘To attract the right talent, offering flexibility and work-life balance will be essential’

BY MICHAEL BUEHLER, head of infrastructure and urban development, World Economic Forum

Recruiting and managing talent in the coming years will be challenging for the construction sector, according to a World Economic Forum report

‘It is vital that in building new homes, they are conceived and constructed with a less stable climate in mind’

ALASTAIR CHISHOLM, head of policy and communications, Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management

Climate change represents one of the greatest challenges of our age, with quite small increases in average atmospheric temperature carrying the potential to influence and change weather patterns significantly at a more local level

Provocation and posturing in the South China Sea

Chinese construction work on a disputed island chain in one of the world’s busiest shipping routes has escalated into a multinational military build-up

Virtual reality and big data disrupting digital construction

Latest technologies, including virtual reality, are revolutionising the way buildings are conceived, constructed and maintained

Ten ways we are changing the way we build

The construction industry is going through a period of radical change, experiencing disruptive innovation through modernisation and technological evolution. Here are eight innovations changing the way the industry works

Only way is down when you can’t build up

Billionaires are building basements in Kensington and Chelsea, but going underground poses considerable challenges – not just cost