Ten ways we are changing the way we build

The construction industry is going through a period of radical change, experiencing disruptive innovation through modernisation and technological evolution. Here are eight innovations changing the way the industry works

Only way is down when you can’t build up

Billionaires are building basements in Kensington and Chelsea, but going underground poses considerable challenges – not just cost

Community at the heart of UK urban regeneration

The regeneration of UK towns and cities is entering an era of transformation when the needs of the community and wellbeing of individuals punch greater weight

Renewable materials, remanufacturing and the circular economy

Designing buildings using good quality materials which can later be reused or recycled gives permanence a temporary nature

Climate change is transforming the way we build

Ingenious solutions to the impact on buildings of climate change are redesigning the landscape – and changing the way we live and work

Bridging the talent gap in UK construction

UK construction is facing a crisis as industry leaders bid to attract new recruits to revitalise the sector in the wake of a prolonged recession

Construction is facing a new era of green builds

As the UK construction industry strives to rebuild itself to deliver the new homes and infrastructure the country needs, new money and new metrics apply

Modern slavery and the supply chain

The UK construction industry must ensure its overseas supply chains comply with new legislation clamping down on slave labour in foreign sweatshops