Why companies need a chief brand officer

Chief brand officer

Companies should be assigning significant resources to build and protect their reputation. Those that don’t value the importance of brand risk losing everything

How companies can earn brand loyalty

Brand loyalty

In an always-on era, achieving brand loyalty is more challenging than ever. Not only is the competition fast and fierce, but consumers are increasingly empowered and ready to bite back

Porto: a masterclass in city branding

Eduardo Aires, the man behind the rebranding campaign for Portugal’s second city, explores the importance of messaging and visual identity

Are brands exploiting the modest fashion trend?

The rise of modest fashion has arguably changed the representation of Muslims in Western popular culture, but the convergence of ideology and corporatisation raises important questions for the industry

Should trademarks be at the heart of your brand strategy?

As arguably the most important assets a company can own, protecting trademarks must lie at the heart of a successful brand strategy

CMOs must not lose sight of the power of brand

people walking past car showroom, car brand visible

After years of exponential growth in digital ad revenues have marketers swum out too far into the performance-driven sea and lost sight of the importance of brand-building?

Monitoring online conversations that affect your brand

Online barrrage

In the age of social media, executives must stay in touch with online conversations affecting their brand and be ready to respond with a genuine human touch