Why customer experience is central to a successful digital strategy

Thanks to the gallop of technology, disruption is coursing through every industry, just not at the same pace and level. It feels like it is only a matter of time before the cascade lands on you and certainly in the retail sector fleet of foot is now required to keep pace. Simply put, those who have either not gone through a digital transformation or are poised to evolve this year risk being washed away. Are you ready?

It is becoming clear that to build a successful digital strategy it is crucial to position the customer at its centre

In 2018, most digital-first businesses are overachieving on their revenue goals. More specifically, it is those who focus on customer experience (CX) who are triumphing. It is becoming clear that to build a successful digital strategy it is crucial to position the customer at its centre.

Moreover, that customer-centric approach drives change across the entire organisation, not simply for commerce-focused team members. It encourages collaboration and problem-solving needs to become a habit; having people that can move and think quickly, and accept change, is essential.

A mindset alteration is drastically required for laggards, especially when one considers the rise of nascent technologies and behaviours. Business leaders have to recognise that it is imperative to pivot and move well away from traditional ways of working.

The success of digital-first players, compared with some bricks-and-mortar retailers, is generated in part because of their agility and innovative approach. And companies employing CX to elevate their brands are most likely to achieve, and surpass, their business goals.

That is because customers’ demands have been dialled up by technology. Purchasing habits have changed dramatically in the last decade; indeed, it’s amazing to think that the first iPhone was only released in June 2007 and now voice-recognition devices are increasingly ubiquitous. The business adage that “the customer is always right” still applies, but the modern customer has come to expect a super-smooth retail experience and ultra-convenience across many devices. Any barriers or glitches can have a negative
and lasting effect.

Customers want you to engage with them digitally as though you were dealing with them face to face. And clever, personalised add-ons, such as offering free post-sales videos to show how, say, a new bike is adjusted, can make your company stand out. Moreover, they expect commerce to be part of their always-on, connected lifestyles where influencer marketing, social commerce and truly immersive retail experiences are quickly becoming the norm.

At LiveArea we believe CX is so important and that is why we have it in our url, www.LiveAreaCX.com. As a global commerce services provider we can see the retail industry’s painpoints and strive to address them. We help our customers achieve their digital business objectives, by blending strategy, design and technology to deliver frictionless commerce experiences.

We have a robust set of offerings to help our clients successfully implement a digital strategy that places their own customers at the centre of everything they do. To do this, we focus on understanding the needs and expectations of our customers’ customers. At LiveArea we work with brands people love and we fuel that passion by crafting signature customer experiences. We empower brands and retailers to sell more and connect with customers on a deeper level.

We understand, firstly, how to attract customers to a client and then convert that interaction into a long-term relationship. Plus we know how to deliver great customer service. That makes for great CX and that is what will drive the future of retail.






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