Forecasting a bright future for emerging market forex

Foreign exchange rates

The outlook for emerging market foreign exchange trading remains attractive, despite global geopolitical uncertainty and a hawkish US Federal Reserve

Why businesses need to invest in intangible assets

Bank of England

Sometimes unquantifiable but often invaluable, intangible assets may be left off the corporate balance sheet, despite their importance

The impact of the pound’s plunge on business

Smashed currency exchange rate board

With some forecasters predicting continuing volatility on the foreign exchange markets, UK businesses need to assess their FX risk and hedge against possible losses

How to manage company liquidity

HSBC high street bank

With pressure on sterling and the UK economy facing continued uncertainty in the wake of the Brexit vote, managing company liquidity is more important than ever

Testing times for insurers’ portfolios

Low-yield markets have made it difficult for insurers to generate reliable returns from their investment portfolios and increased pressure to ensure they have the right asset management strategy in place

Small businesses wake up to benefits of outsourcing


Outsourcing is no longer the preserve of big corporations as smaller companies and startups realise the advantages to be had

Brexit shock wave hits pension investors

The full impact of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union has still to be felt, but uncertainty continues to affect pension investments as challenging times may lie ahead

Treasurers hold key to new market success

Treasurers can navigate abroad

With the economic recovery well underway in the UK, firms are looking abroad for opportunities to expand into previously untapped markets