Singapore: The robot city

Singapore skyline

The “fourth industrial revolution”, an era of unprecedented automation and connectivity, could reshape the urban environment and have profound impacts on society at large

The story of palm oil

Shedding light on the palm oil industry, and how it is destroying a globally vital tropical ecosystem

The palm oil problem

Forests in Indonesia

Can a belated consumer backlash stop the palm oil industry from destroying a globally vital tropical ecosystem?

Trump: US denial overshadows climate deal

President-elect Donald Trump has said he will pull the US out of the Paris Agreement on climate change

Ivory suppliers challenge global ban

Ivory trade ban

Several Southern African countries want to be exempted from a 35-year old global ban on ivory trading, threatening a hard-won consensus on the trade in products from endangered animals

New diamond mine brings hope to Canada’s northwest

In Canada’s far north, the opening of the biggest new diamond mine for more than a decade could mean a revival of the region’s flagging fortunes

Atomic fission: nuclear delay cools UK-China relations

Two attendants install a British and a Chinese flag behind a podium

The British government has put the development of a Chinese-backed nuclear power station on ice, prompting an angry response for Beijing

Fighting the fat cats

Illustration of Fat Cats and the excessive salaries they earn

Curbing excessive executive pay may mean fundamentally rethinking the UK’s orthodoxies of shareholder capitalism and austerity