How important is office branding?

PlayStation headquarters

How important is the physical office space when it comes to brand building in the digital age when so much business is conducted outside the traditional working environment?

How to stay cyber-secure while working from home

WFH virus

With the whole nation working from home, cyber hackers are looking to exploit vulnerabilities in an attempt to steal valuable information

Can 5G really be sustainable?

5G environmental impact

Concerns of a potential surge in e-waste and energy demand could dampen excitement during the rollout of 5G, but experts remain optimistic

Is hyper-personalisation killing the creative process?


Data-driven insights enable advertisers to target consumers like never before, but has traditional advertising lost its way? Moreover, does this move to hyper-personalisation sound the death knell for creativity? Industry experts argue whether or not hyper-personalisation is killing the creative process in advertising

Combating hyper-masculinity in the workplace

While it’s easy to identify toxic masculinity, doing something about it in the workplace can be a daunting challenge for business leaders

What is being done to protect freelancers?

Freelance insurance

The exponential rise of the freelance workforce is a much-discussed trend across the globe, but is enough being done to protect those who don't have cover?

The benefits of personalisation in the workplace

Moneypenny office

Consumers expect targeted services and offers, so why should it be any different in a working environment?

Why we shouldn’t blindly follow tech

Blindly trust AI

Artificial intelligence and the explosion of big data has transformed the way we work, but how we manage the technology as it evolves in the coming years is of paramount importance