What’s holding the 5G rollout back?

5G roll out

A multitude of challenges, some old and some new, stand in the way of the mass acceptance and adoption of 5G

Should you bother with real-time data?

Data personalisation

Real-time insights are essential to adapt to a changing consumer landscape, but companies that ignore trust and transparency as part of the process are risking it all

Seven elearning scams to watch out for

1. learning scams

While online learning is booming, charlatans and scammers are looking to take advantage. Cowboy coaches are flooding the market making official accreditation or authenticity essential for individual students and businesses. Here are seven online scams to beware

Tech-enabled finance could save your company

Finance Tech

Internal finance teams are central to companies successfully navigating the current crisis and digital tools can ensure their speed and agility

The office isn’t dead, it’s different

Flex space working

Organisations are thinking twice before committing to a long-term office lease in the current climate, so flexible workspaces are increasingly attractive to relocate teams as employees emerge from lockdown

Compassion now vital as mental health crisis looms

COVID mental health

Now, more than ever, companies must ensure they are looking after their employees’ wellbeing, following an uptick in those reporting a deterioration of their mental health since the COVID-19 pandemic began

Invest in employee training before it’s too late

Lifelong learning

Rapid adoption of artificial intelligence, automation and advanced technologies means businesses have to invest time and money in reskilling and upskilling employees, before it’s too late

What the future seller looks like

Future seller

As the nature of sales continues to evolve, so do the skills and traits that enable sales professionals to thrive