Why we shouldn’t blindly follow tech

Blindly trust AI

Artificial intelligence and the explosion of big data has transformed the way we work, but how we manage the technology as it evolves in the coming years is of paramount importance

Why work needs to be worthwhile

Work culture

A meaningful corporate mission looking beyond profits will set companies apart in the future world of work, as employees align themselves with organisations promising a greater sense of purpose

Knowing how to sell to the over-65s

Over 65 shopping

The over-65s are thriving with online retail, so how can ecommerce brands ensure they are catering to several generations at once, each with their own characteristics and shopping habits?

How can brands capitalise on esports boom?

The esports market has exploded in recent years and could offer advertisers unrivalled opportunities to get closer to the action

Putting people at the core of design

Human-centred design

Human-centred design is gaining prominence and has cemented itself as a core pillar of business strategy

When poor marketing is holding you back


A great product means nothing if you’re not reaching the right people, but knowing where to start when marketing a small startup can be a daunting task

Competition cumulates in the cloud

cloud competition

With cost no longer the sole differentiator, cloud services providers must offer customers a lot more in the battle for top spot

Augmented intelligence: how to build a future-proof workforce

Data science is not a silver bullet but, if aimed correctly, can empower employees as human and machine work together