Invest in employee training before it’s too late

Lifelong learning

Rapid adoption of artificial intelligence, automation and advanced technologies means businesses have to invest time and money in reskilling and upskilling employees, before it’s too late

What the future seller looks like

Future seller

As the nature of sales continues to evolve, so do the skills and traits that enable sales professionals to thrive

Pandemic pushes long overdue sales rebalancing

Sales rebalancing

Global lockdowns and universal remote working have accelerated the shift from field to inside sales that was a long time coming

Hackers smell blood as crisis exposes cyber vulnerabilities

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt supply chains the world over, cyber criminals will be on the prowl for vulnerable third parties as a way of gaining access to more lucrative prizes

No shortcuts allowed in digital transition

Digital transition shortcuts

The rapid shift some companies have had to make to ensure continuity when remote working has raised concerns about potential vulnerabilities when it comes to cybersecurity and compliance

Virus fallout could usher in the UBI era

Spain and UBI

As governments the world over continue to grapple with the devastating economic and social consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, the argument for a universal basic income has begun to gather speed

Grounding sci-fi ambitions in reality

General AI

Is “general” artificial intelligence still something service providers should be trying to achieve, or would their efforts be better spent on building more robust “narrow” AI systems?

‘Innovation is made, not born’

Building innovation

Innovative companies need to be people-centric risk-takers if they want to be truly disruptive