Putting Black-owned businesses in the spotlight

Black-owned businesses

How has recent heightened awareness of racial inequality and discrimination affected the support and backing of Black-owned businesses in the UK?

How events embraced digital transformation overnight

Events industry digital transformation

Due to the coronavirus, the events industry was forced to adopt a virtual model basically overnight. While some companies have taken the shift in their stride, what the future holds for the sector remains uncertain

Why workplace learning matters more than ever

Often seen as a nice-to-have, workplace learning and professional development are now gaining importance as organisations’ best shot at retaining happy staff and staying competitive

How to prioritise the customer in a crisis

Changed circumstances beget creative solutions and, with traditional avenues of customer service disturbed, businesses are finding new ways to stay connected with their customers

Five jobs most in-demand after COVID-19

What does the top crisis management team look like? With a perfect storm of business challenges, heightened by pressure on team members working remotely, the coronavirus outbreak has spotlighted technology, customer services, communications, wellbeing and data