What is social trading?

Stock, currency and commodity traders have long kept their insights and ideas to themselves, but information-sharing on dedicated platforms is enabling others to make money by copying or monitoring their actions

Open banking a lesson in collaboration at HSBC

HSBC headquarters in London

Banking giant works with fintech start-ups to "foster a new ecosystem"

Brexit uncertainty is the new norm in business risk management

Shard London

Businesses that look to acquire in the UK face ongoing concerns around future regulation, tax and supply chains, but the weak pound has had allure

Targets should not encourage unethical sales

Alec Baldwin as obnoxious salesman Blake in the 1992 drama Glengarry Glen Ross

For decades sales targets have been seen as driving high performance, but managers must take care to avoid rule-breaking

Saving planet Earth is more than a fashion fad

Stella McCartney, whose name is now synonymous with eco fashion, was one of the rst big designers to promote sustainability and an environmentally friendly supply chain

The clothing industry has struggled with excessive and wasteful production, but sustainable manufacturing is at last topping the agenda

Stopping payment fraud without blocking real transactions

Card payment fraud

Businesses must tread a fine line to protect customer payments – stopping sophisticated fraudsters is crucial, but to avoid blocking real transactions requires a more co-ordinated effort

Why there’s a disconnect between consumers and automotive companies

Autonomous vehicle testing during a media event in Milton Keynes

Momentous change is taking place in transport as governments loosen regulation and encourage major private investment, but innovators risk leaving the public behind on the road to the future

New workplace monitoring has to get workers’ consent

Monitoring employees

For workplace managers, there’s a new kid on the block – live monitoring of employee behaviour – but while this is aiding better office design, privacy implications are extensive