The rise of checkout-free shops and chatbot estate agents

AI in retail

Finance and law are often cited as the sectors leading adoption of artificial intelligence, but several others, notably retail, oil and gas, and real estate, are benefiting from the technology

Connected machines will create better jobs

Rolls-Royce’s IoT systems notify the engineering company when maintenance and upgrades are due

Negative stories have surrounded the internet of things and job losses have been their focus, but a more accurate analysis reveals a shift in the skills needed towards services

Analysing training data can help staff learn on the job

Technology to help businesses transform their training for a wide range of staff remains patchy, but its wider adoption is inevitable

Hi-tech software to win back customers

Consumers have high expectations around product availability and the online experience so retailers must develop an efficient, visible supply chain to meet these needs

AI and robotics offering a helping hand

For a long time, artificial intelligence and robotics seemed like something out of a sci-fi film – now they have finally become profit makers

Increasing collaboration in car patents market

While car manufacturers are protecting more of their commercial secrets, they are also going public to collaborate on some key design strategies

Winners and losers of the UK payments market

The aggressiveness of the payments market ought to deter those with bright ideas from entering, but there are routes to success

Virtual personal assistants making our lives easier

Powered by increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence, virtual personal assistants have become an essential feature for many businesses and consumers