Taking steps to cut global water consumption

jeans hanging out to dry

Measuring water consumption in manufacturing and the supply chain is fundamental to introducing more sustainable practices

Why seeing the value of wastewater is vital for a sustainable future

scientist carrying out experiment

The potential value creation of wastewater is now being realised as more enterprises recognise resources are draining away

Will sustainable packaging soon go mainstream?

Reusable packaging

With green and clean credentials, sustainable packaging is ready to make the leap from niche to mainstream

Who’s responsible for packaging waste?

Upcycling packaging

Tackling the number-one problem of packaging waste demands upcycling the way we think about the industry

5 ways to share supply chain value with people and the planet

The supply chain is increasingly viewed as a value chain, with shared value being as much environmental and social as it is economic

Fighting poverty with plastic

Plastic Bank

Organising the retrieval of otherwise overwhelming plastic waste is creating wealth for the poorest communities

All eyes on the sea to net illegal fishing trawlers

Illegal fishing map

Mobilising a global citizens’ watch over the oceans is helping to combat the crime of illegal fishing

Nine Elms: how to deliver a mega-project

Digital sketch of the completed Nine Elms development

Collaboration is essential to deliver a mega-project, such as London’s Nine Elms development, involving numerous agencies with varied requirements