Has COVID killed sustainable packaging?

COVID and sustainability

As health and safety becomes consumers’ top concern, some fear the coronavirus may have halted sustainable packaging’s progress

Why ESG ratings need an overhaul

Under certain ESG standards, the ratings of fossil-fuel giant Exxon Mobil and electric car maker Tesla could well be the same

Investors and asset managers rely on environmental, social and governance ratings agencies but, without strict standards or regulations, is this system fundamentally flawed?

Feeding Britain post-pandemic

Food business continuity

From adopting emerging technology to new business models, food businesses have adapted quickly to the changing demands of customers during lockdown, which may provide opportunities for growth

A rising tide of extreme weather

Weather proofing infrastructure

Recent flooding has reinforced the urgent need to future-proof public infrastructure against growing climate risk

Are AI and sustainability the perfect match?

AI sustainability

As with many tech solutions, artificial intelligence takes vast amounts of energy to create and implement but, given the many ways it can aid sustainability projects, do the pros outweigh the cons?

What is proptech?

It sounds like the latest tech trend to hit headlines and attract investment, but proptech is about more than digital transformation. Technology can help put purpose, culture shift and customer experience at the heart of the property sector

Can the circular economy in construction really work?

Sustainability requires a change in mindset as it’s not just a process of replacing materials with green alternatives. But can a circular economy ever be the norm for mass construction?

Human rights falter in grey areas of procurement policy

Workers are often the victims when there are gaps in legal procurement and ethical procurement, but businesses nowadays have a lot to lose as the lines between profit and social conscience are no longer so easily defined