UK snap election: Are you changing your vote?

General election 2017

It’s only been two years since the last general election, but a lot has changed, has your vote?

Reader poll: What was your dream career as a child?

Our new reader survey aims to find out the most popular dream careers...

Smartphone addiction in 5 charts

People addicted to their phones

The following charts prove the UK is a nation addicted to smartphones...

Brexit – what the rest of the world thinks

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 28: (EDITORS NOTE: This is a photo illustration.) EU flags outside the Houses of Parliament on March 28, 2017 in London, England. Article 50 will be triggered on March 29, and the process that will take Britain out of the European Union will begin. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Now Article 50 has been triggered and negotiations are about to commence, we ask: what does the rest of the world think about Brexit?

Terrorism: The social media aftermath

Big Ben in London attacks 23rd March 2017

Following the London attack, we ask: Does social media bring people together or drive them further apart after global acts of terror?

Women better at detecting emotions than men

Close up photograph of a women's eyes

New research reveals women tend to be better at detecting emotions than men, but men are better at detecting emotions linked to lust and anger

Where is the best place to be a woman?

Woman looking out across mountains and valley

Map revealing the best and worst countries for gender equality

Which UK city will be named the ‘City of Culture’ 2021?

We map the 11 cities in the race for the 2021 crown