How connecting health and social care can save lives

Social care UK

Social care can act as a preventative measure, aimed at promoting wellness, better housing and combating loneliness, to tackle serious burdens on the healthcare system

HR discovers the power of data to motivate staff

Human resources may once have been perceived as laggards in IT, but now the function is benefiting from a digital makeover

How tech and data can spot and stop the quitters

Technology used ethically can help retain valued staff by spotting potential problems which could cause them to quit

CDOs must be stewards of ethical business standards

Christopher Wylie ethical Cambridge Analytica wearing glasses in profile

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has raised the profile of chief data officers and the need for ethical business practices

Why insurance companies are embracing blockchain

Aerial view boats

Marine and other insurance policies have a new virtual figurehead to help chart a course through mainly unexplored waters of doing business in an increasingly digital economy

Launching new business opportunities on digital platforms

DHL van

The next wave of innovation is rolling in as digital platforms demonstrate how to open up new opportunities for business and a fresh approach to problem-solving

Who are the leading providers of cloud services?

Workers outside Amazon web services office

The lucrative cloud services market has seen a race for dominance and, although there are clear leaders, much is still at stake

Defending the weakest link from cyberattacks

Target store sign

An extended supply chain, in which third or even fourth parties fail to secure systems and data, can be the way in for cyberthieves