The fight to stop gendered language

Fertility gendered language

What can be done to change the negative, gendered language used by medical professionals that continues to imply female failure and inadequacy?

Why companies need a chief brand officer

Chief brand officer

Companies should be assigning significant resources to build and protect their reputation. Those that don’t value the importance of brand risk losing everything

Craft spirits: commitment to excellence or marketing ploy?

Craft brew

When it comes to spirits, does “craft” represent a commitment to excellence, an investment in small-batch production or simply a cheap marketing ploy?

What makes a successful startup founder?

The average age of tech startup founders is older than you might think

The business case for neurodiversity

Neurodiverse workplace

Embracing a neurodiverse talent pool is about more than equality and inclusion, it’s actually best for business

Facial recognition continues to divide opinion

The progression towards using facial recognition for payment systems may seem inevitable, but it is raising concerns

What is a dermatologist?

The alarmingly small number of qualified dermatologists in the UK must be addressed, along with a widespread misunderstanding of what they actually do

Why business air travel is embracing personalisation

Business and leisure travellers have historically been offered the same customer service, despite their differing needs, requirements and expectations. But that could all be about to change...