What to look out for when delegating your pension

Delegating the management of a pension scheme is a journey with the potential to trip up fund trustees

Investing in wine, art and classic cars

Ferrari 250 GTO

Investing in tangible assets, such as wine, art and classic cars, need not be the sole preserve of the super-rich

So far, so good with pension reform

Auto-Enrolement staging volumes by year

Elizabeth Pfeuti recounts the story of auto-enrolment so far and advises what to expect next

Private equity’s $1.2 trillion question

Private Equity's $1 trillion question

Cash from private equity is available for investment in unprecedented amounts but, as Elizabeth Pfeuti discovers, fund managers are adopting a more disciplined approach following the financial crash

Is FX a new retail therapy?

It is big business in the UK, with 72,000 people playing the FX market as retail traders. Elizabeth Pfeuti reports

M&A Boom

Mid-Market M&A Outlook - Crop

Mid-market companies are expected to spearhead the mergers and acquisitions charge over the coming months, presenting fresh challenges to directors unfamiliar with M&A, writes Elizabeth Pfeuti

Target the mid-market

Often undervalued and overlooked, mid-market companies represent resilient and powerful growth opportunities for potential investors, as Elizabeth Pfeuti reports

Taking property to new heights

Money is no object for the super-rich when it comes to buying property in prime locations around the globe, as Elizabeth Pfeuti reports