Could blockchain eliminate payment fraud altogether?

Blockchain fraud

Distributed ledger technology certainly offers numerous benefits when it comes to payments security, but experts are adamant it won't eliminate fraud altogether

How to train gen Z employees

next generation training

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How firms can beat hackers

Small companies face the full range of cyber dangers, but they can defend themselves without breaking the bank or stifling innovation

How small firms can beat the hackers

Hackers have taken down the defences of corporate giants, but that doesn’t mean small businesses cannot defend against the growing threat of cybercrime

Can ‘non-salespeople’ sell?

From fresh perspectives to a better understanding of customer needs, individuals from unconventional backgrounds could make a big impact on an organisation’s sales function, but not everyone agrees

Building a customer-obsessed culture

The scramble is now on to cater for the consumer's ever-changing demands. But an entire company culture obsessed with their customer has to start at the top

Four technologies to change events forever

The events industry keeps getting bigger, but is famously slow to evolve. However, forward-thinking planners are trying to shift the paradigm, with new technologies promising to disrupt the guest experience