5 reasons why agility fails in financial services

Achieving agility is difficult and there are lessons to be learnt. Here are five top reasons why agile projects in financial services risk failing

The whole firm needs to unite to reduce risks

US Navy crew documenting controlled burn after Deepwater Horizon disaster

Rules can reduce risk but the real gains can only come from changing company culture

Cash is still popular in an electronic world

Future of Payments special report Raconteur card payments

Progression towards electronic payments continues, but could we ever do without some cash?

Brexit will not stop new EU banking regulations

Brexit and EU banking regulation

The European Union’s Revised Payment Services Directive or PSD2, due to be implemented in 2018, is touted as the answer to all our banking ills, shifting power into the hands of consumers. Here are five ways it will affect our lives 

The future CFO: less finance and more strategy?

CFO strategy

Three datasets illustrate the changing role of the chief financial officer, but the future CFO also needs to be able to think outside the box 

Procurement: looking ahead to a digital future

Future proofing procurement special report illustration

Technology is opening up procurement to efficient and cost-saving opportunities, including predictive analytics

Why insurance is going from boring to interesting

Woman tracking her fitness

Digital technology promises to transform the insurance industry with better deals and new policies for customers

Watch out, blockchain just went mainstream

Peter Smith, chief executive of Blockchain Ltd, a bitcoin wallet provider and software developer

No longer a mystical concept, applications for blockchain are on the rise and could shake up financial services