Procurement: looking ahead to a digital future

Future proofing procurement special report illustration

Technology is opening up procurement to efficient and cost-saving opportunities, including predictive analytics

Why insurance is going from boring to interesting

Woman tracking her fitness

Digital technology promises to transform the insurance industry with better deals and new policies for customers

Watch out, blockchain just went mainstream

Peter Smith, chief executive of Blockchain Ltd, a bitcoin wallet provider and software developer

No longer a mystical concept, applications for blockchain are on the rise and could shake up financial services

Are chatbots the future of wealth management?

Talking to a chatbot on a smartphone

Wealth management of the future will be a balance of technology, improving and personalising advice, and the human contact necessary for decision-making around major life events

A CFO’s guide to stakeholder management

CFO discussing business in a meeting

An accomplished chief financial officer will maintain a solid and productive working relationship with key members of the company to add value across all functions of the business

The executive education is online

Oxford University

High-calibre online courses now enable a busy executive to learn at their own pace and garner quality content that applies to current situations

Smart ways to manage company assets

Asset management maze

With interest rates at historic lows, cash-rich corporates face a difficult challenge to put their cash deposits to work and generate a worthwhile return

Looking for insurance innovation outside the industry

Shai Wininger (left) and Daniel Schreiber, co-founders of Lemonade, the world’s first peer-to-peer insurance company

Innovation, essential for the insurance industry to adapt and prosper, must come from within, but also by bringing in outsiders with a new approach to the business