Why the cloud is a greener choice

Greener cloud future

With stricter regulations and increasing consumer demands, businesses must become greener and technology may be the answer

Narrowing the tech skills gap

Skills gap and cloud

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Why employee tracking needs trust

Trusting employee tracking

The best-laid plans for workplace technology such as employee tracking will come to nothing if employers don’t include workers themselves in the planning

Are the fintech bridges working?

Fintech bridge

Following the launch of the UK’s first international partnerships aimed at kickstarting fintech growth, industry leaders question whether they have lived up to expectations

Making the most of a multi-cloud approach

Here’s how multi-cloud can enable enterprise IT functions of the future

7 crucial data privacy red flags business leaders need to know

As data privacy regulations tighten, compliance is key when handling sensitive data. But what factors should you consider to ensure your data privacy strategies go far enough?

Why AI is both overhyped and underused

The impact of the integration of artificial intelligence on a company can be huge, but what happens when adoption is driven more by media and PR hype than actual business needs?

Are consultancies key for implementing 5G?

Consultancies and research institutions will have an important role to play in enabling businesses to reap the benefits of 5G