Could the Moon solve the Earth’s energy crisis?

Sunset and numerous moons in the sky

Science fiction has a habit of becoming science fact and mining on the Moon, establishing a lunar colony even, could yet become reality

Ganges superbugs are threat to world health

Man in rowing boat on River Ganges

The UK is helping India clean up life-threatening and septic contamination of the sacred River Ganges which endangers world health

Cities must smarten up to save energy

Cities where technology measures and manages the use of green energy are a smart step towards sustainability in the 21st century

Only way is down when you can’t build up

Billionaires are building basements in Kensington and Chelsea, but going underground poses considerable challenges – not just cost

Ten disruptive energy innovations

Gone are the days when cleaner energy was viewed as a fad – now innovations in energy production, storage and use look set to become mainstream

Packaging saves lives

Packaging saves lives

Smart packaging can help patients take correct and regular doses of medicines, avoiding complications, even death, as well as costly waste, writes Celestine Cheong

Why carbon trading has slumped

It was heralded as a major weapon in an armoury to be deployed against global warming and climate change by lowering greenhouse gas emissions, but carbon trading has stalled, writes Celestine Cheong

It’s smart to use energy efficiently

From mining to agriculture, every business emits carbon. However, the optimisation of energy use can save energy and cut costs, writes Celestine Cheong