Owner-managed businesses optimistic about growth

Despite economic slowdown and uncertainty over the outcome of the EU Referendum, owner-managed businesses (OMBs) are optimistic about their growth prospects for the next 12 months

Is alternative finance still alternative?

British businesses, especially startups and smaller firms hungry for growth capital, are increasingly turning to alternative forms of funding to get quick and ready cash

Cash is starting to flow again to SMEs

Following funding difficulties caused by the 2008 crash, finance is beginning to flow to small and mid-sized businesses, which can now also draw on funds from alternative lenders

Creative nation needs funding lifeline

Creative nation needs funding lifeline

Lenders need to understand the nature of creative industries and support their potential for economic growth

Where to find alternative finance

If banks are reluctant to lend or conventional finance dries up, there are other ways of funding business, as Catherine Wheatley explains