Electric vehicles are the future - but is the UK ready?

Electrifying the UK’s transport network holds the key to major benefits, though significant investment in infrastructure is still needed at a time of national austerity

Predictive analytics power cyber-insurance industry

Timelapse city lights

The rise in predictive analytics is revolutionising the insurance industry by enabling savvy insurers to predict risk

Manufacturing gets personal in Industry 5.0

Festo’s pneumatic, lightweight Bionic Cobot at the Hanover Fair

Q&A Phill Cartwright, executive chairman of the Centre for Modelling & Simulation, looks forward to the fifth industrial revolution and predicts the role humans will play in automated manufacturing

Waiting for pay day from servitisation

With a significant chunk of manufacturers yet to derive any value from servitisation, what is holding them back from realising its potential?

Expert tips on leading business transformation projects

Executives, who led major transformational digital projects in large organisations, share the lessons they learnt from the risks involved

Supply chains are looking better in 3D

3D printing product development

It is proving a useful tool in enabling companies from multiple sectors to revolutionise their supply chains and 3D printing can also achieve significant cost-savings

Law firms face talent crisis in poaching war


Growth of in-house legal departments is spurring law firms to reflect on their workplace culture to attract and retain the best talent

Cloud computing’s next phase in business transformation

Image clouds above

Cloud computing has disrupted businesses like no other technology, but with cloud-enabled innovations, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, the true extent of its impact has yet to be felt