Regulated industries: it’s time to embrace flexibility

Regulated flexible working

Regulated industries, such as insurance or wealth management, have been reluctant to embrace flexible working, but now the coronavirus has left them no choice

How tech is fighting financial exclusion

Fighting financial exclusion

From improving access to cash through to flexible loan arrangements, technology is helping ease the financial burdens of some living from paycheque to paycheque

Is libra tipping the crypto scales?

Facebook libra

The stalling of Facebook's plans for libra doesn't necessarily mean the end for a Facebook-issued digital currency. But it did ignite an important conversation about the future of money as we know it

Turning seaweed into big business

Sargasso seaweed

An influx of slimy sargassum seaweed has been blighting Mexico’s Caribbean beaches, but new innovation has found smart ways to make it pay

Protect IP or risk a business disaster

Apple store in Beijing

A significant information gap remains around intellectual property’s commercial potential and the catastrophic consequences companies are risking for not taking it seriously

Can you steal the ‘feel’ of a song?

Music IP infringement, Marvin Gaye

The rise of copyright infringement cases raises serious questions about the future of the music industry, as creative freedom and protecting intellectual property continue to be challenged