How to expand your brand overseas

Franchising can be the best way to expand your brand abroad, even if you don’t franchise in the UK

Automation is revolutionising how we work

Rapid change, driven by advancing technology and the ‘march of the robots’, is accelerating to revolutionise how we spend our working lives

Sprints, scrums and kanban - your guide to agile

Aiming at getting faster results, agile business methods will also delight customers and allow staff to have more fun

If money doesn’t buy loyal employees, what does?

Rewarding staff isn’t just about money, it’s winning trust and loyalty with a relevant package of benefits to make their lives better

Mapping global risks

Global business risk has never been greater as the world becomes evermore complex and interdependent amid regional turmoil

8 steps for successful change management

8 steps for successful change management

For 20 years, Harvard Business School leadership and change guru Dr John P. Kotter’s eight steps for business transformation have helped leaders revitalise their organisations

Hub airports become economic dynamos

Airport Hubs

Hub airports are no longer simply places to pick up a connecting flight – they are set to become global economic drivers

What does Gen Y want?

What does Gen Y want

Alec Marsh finds out how to attract, retain and engage the gifted employees of Generation Y