Teaching computers to see the world like us

Machines that can obtain information from images and multi-dimensional data have been around for years, but what does the future hold for computer vision?

What crowdsourced data can do for business

The opportunity to use the cloud to crowdsource knowledge could be an important factor in the technology’s next phase of growth

What cloud computing is doing for emerging markets

Software development is starting up in countries previously unassociated with information technology, providing an opportunity for economic growth in emerging markets

Augmented reality’s vision for manufacturing

No longer the stuff of science fiction, augmented reality is poised to transform manufacturing and even routine engineering

Hacking back: is it a good idea?

hacking back on glowing laptop in dark room

Should the victims of hacking retaliate and hack back, and what are the issues involved?

Making chatbots work for you

Woman holding phone with WeChat app open

As the number of bots and virtual customer service agents grow, so does the frustration and the number of failed deployments. IFS-mplsystems outlines the four cornerstones of a successful implementation and how to make the chatbots work for you

A guide to cloud data

Data around smart phone

There are many different kinds, or flavours, of cloud data and they need to be dished up differently – here’s a guide

Five ways quantum computing will change cybersecurity forever

Quantum computing illustration

A new generation of quantum computing has the potential to transform cybersecurity. Still years away from the mainstream, quantum power is nevertheless a reality, a certainty and an inevitability