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Top 8 virtual personal assistants

siri personal assistant1. Siri

Apple’s intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator allows users of its devices to send messages, schedule meetings and make phone calls. The voice-activated, interactive system has been incorporated into Apple’s mobile operating systems since 2011 with iOS 5.

2. Cortanacortana

Microsoft’s primary intelligent personal assistant, which was developed in time for the launch of the Windows Phone 8.1 operating system in 2014, is now integrated into Windows 10. The system can be used to track package deliveries, find files on a PC and set reminders. It even tells jokes.

 google now personal assistant3. Google Now

Google’s intelligent personal assistant is available for use on its own Android-operated mobile devices and via Google Search apps downloadable on Apple devices. First launched in 2012, it can answer queries, warn users of bad traffic, and provide reminders of dinner dates and flight times.

facebook m

4. Facebook M

This digital assistant service is being integrated into Facebook’s Messenger platform. Its availability is currently limited, but it is designed to help users plan holidays, find local restaurants, and make online purchases through AI software that is trained and supervised by humans.


5. Teneo

A development and analytics platform from Artificial Solutions, Teneo enables businesses to create their own natural language applications they can then deploy as a means of personalising and enhancing the automated services they offer their customers.

api ai6. Api.AI

A platform designed to enable software developers and companies to collaborate in making voice-activated interfaces, Api.AI integrates AI technology to deliver services in the context of consumer-facing tools.

 niki7. Niki

A smart-purchasing assistant driven by AI technology, Niki from integrates natural language and machine-learning processes. It is designed to simplify everyday tasks, such as online shopping, booking a taxi or paying utility bills.


8. Braina

A virtual assistant for the Windows PC operating system, Braina from Brainasoft is focused on speech recognition for automating and executing specific requests. It uses a natural language interface so users can speak to perform various tasks on their computer.

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