5 ways AI personal assistants will change work

Meeting icon1. Arranging meetings

Scheduling meetings can be a tedious task, with countless hours lost each year trying to pin down busy contacts. But personal assistants powered by artificial intelligence or AI, such as X.ai and Mimetic.ai, can effortlessly arrange meetings simply by being copied into an online meeting request. These intelligent schedulers automatically check your calendar and preferences to work out a convenient meeting time with the recipient, without you having to do anything more.

Dictation icon2. Dictation

Dictation software is far from a new innovation, but the accuracy of speech-to-text solutions has yet to be perfected. Apple’s Siri claims to have an industry-leading 95 per cent speech recognition rate and processes more than one billion speech requests every week. However, this still means 50 million questions to Siri are misheard, wasting time and frustrating users. As dictation technology continues to advance, AI assistants will be able to carry out more tasks for their human masters.

Booking flights3. Business trips

Travel agents may soon see their commissions dry up if users turn to virtual AI assistants to plan business trips. AI-based apps including Lola and Pana, which combine the expertise of travel agents and AI-learning, are available now, but the AI assistants of tomorrow won’t need any human input at all. AI assistants will be able to learn your travel preferences, down to time of departure or arrival, favourite airline and hotel chain, to create a hyper-personal itinerary in seconds.

Travel support4. Travel support

Driving to see clients out of the office is easy enough if they work nearby, but for businesspeople who regularly drive long distances or in places they are not used to, knowing where to find a petrol station or parking space can be a problem. Smart AI assistants can do more than just give you directions to a meeting; they can proactively tell you where the nearest car park is when you get close to the destination and even suggest suitable restaurants for a quick business lunch.

Job search icon5. Job search

Finding the right job can often be a stressful process, with many positions that look like a good fit on paper turning out to be completely different. Intelligent artificial assistants will be able to build up your ideal job profile, based on factors like how many hours you want to work, the corporate culture and the amount of travel required. Then all you have to do is look through a carefully curated job selection and apply for the job