Why do business in Africa? And what are the unique opportunities and challenges offered by this rapidly-changing continent? Read all about it here.

  • Cobalt: the dark side of a clean future

    An estimated 35,000 children work in perilous conditions to extract cobalt from the ground in the Democratic Republic of Congo. So what will the impact be on these exploited workers from rapid advances in electric cars, which are heavily reliant on this conflict mineral?

  • What is the future of banking?

    New trends in finance, from open banking to the rise of fintech startups, are shaking the industry and putting customers at the heart of the future of banking

  • Why Africa remains an untapped market for femtech

    High birth rates, rising populations and stigmas around infertility are holding back awareness around fertility in many parts of Africa. But a handful of companies are doing their bit to empower more women to take charge of their reproductive health

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