Automation is not the future, human augmentation is

We’ve long heard that artificial intelligence will free up humans to carry out more interesting and valuable roles, but what exactly will these jobs look like, and what benefits will they bring?

Manufacturing talent: what can you do to bridge the gap?

Man using screwdriver on charging point for EV

As the engineering and manufacturing sectors continually evolve, filling the gaps in talent created by technological change remains a constant battle

Reskilling future workers: who’s responsible?

Rapid technological change, with its impact on jobs, requires a constantly renewed workforce through retraining

The new HR skills leaders need in their toolset

Human resources leaders must equip themselves with new skills so their voice is heard by the board

For a skills upgrade, try a Mooc

Education in the workplace illustration

Open your eyes to the incredible range of online options, from Oxford University to Wikiversity

Combat the skills crisis with lifelong learning

Lifelong learning skills

A shift in attitude from having a job for life to continuous learning in work can keep the UK workforce relevant and as agile as the changing marketplace

Digital is making students masters of their own learning universe

Masters of our own universe

New ways of learning, owing much to digital technology and scientific research, are empowering students and business trainees