The complication of taxing robots

Heathrow self-driving pods

Proposal of a robot tax to safeguard government revenue and provide for displace workers is not as straightforward as it may at first appear

Tax – Is the UK avoiding the real issue?

Public figures such as comedian Jimmy Carr have come under public scrutiny over their use of controversial, but legal, tax-avoidance schemes

With growing inequality, tax avoidance and evasion is a hot issue which the government has yet to fully address

Expert advice worth millions

£50 notes

Generous tax credits are available to UK businesses undertaking research and development programmes, but without help many companies are not seeing the full benefit. It’s time that changed

Keeping problems at arm’s length


Help is at hand to meet new requirements regulating intra-group finance

Taxing issue of politics and wealth

Taxing issues of politics and wealth

How wealthy individuals should be taxed has become a hot topic in the run-up to the general election

Tax: A gordian knot of vested interests

james anderson

Politicians have much to answer for in the current climate of concern over taxing the wealthy, says James Anderson, founder and editor-in-chief of PAM Insight

Investors fearing election stalemate demand more support from politicians

Figures and Data

Investors are calling on political parties for a fair deal from the next government.

Targeted giving is tax efficient

Targeted giving is tax efficient

Companies that want to make a difference in the world, while reducing their tax bills, are setting up charitable foundations, writes Sally Percy