How will blockchain transform trade finance?

Blockchain and trade financing

Widespread commercialisation of blockchain could transform global trade finance and unlock trillions through cost-savings and more efficient processes

A supply chain which can think for itself?

Supply chain autonomy

Digital technology could create supply chains that fix problems and make decisions without human intervention, but end-to-end autonomy may not always be desirable

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Five forward-thinking examples are changing the game when it comes to supply chain sustainability

How to make supply chain a desirable career

Supply chain's missing link

Lack of awareness, diversity issues and working patterns are contributing factors holding the supply chain industry back in employee recruitment and retention

Why innovation cannot be put on hold

Malcolm Harrison

‘Be swift of foot, constantly question and challenge the way things have always been done’

Can the circular economy in construction really work?

Sustainability requires a change in mindset as it’s not just a process of replacing materials with green alternatives. But can a circular economy ever be the norm for mass construction?

For and against: is transfer pricing still applicable?

Two tax experts debate whether the so-called ‘arm’s-length principle’ used in transfer pricing is still applicable to the digital economy

What are the issues facing fashion today?

‘Retailers must provide fashion that is affordable to all income brackets while respecting their societal responsibilities for sustainable production’