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The client experience needs to be digital, so firms must prepare for the new normal, says Mark Wrighton, chief executive of Huddle

Hive’s six remote-working trends

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With some four billion people now in mandatory lockdown worldwide, remote working is undergoing a live baptism of fire among organisations turning to flexible and proven productivity platforms to help them adapt at speed

Compliance in a remote-working world

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With lockdown forcing companies to embrace remote working, many organisations are overlooking the need to remain compliant with data privacy and protection regulations

Accelerating the journey to autonomous everything

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The need to operate and support vast remote working in a pandemic environment is causing companies to ramp up their plans to embrace intelligent transformation

Flexible development

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Over the past few months, banks, social media sites, ecommerce stores and even gaming platforms have seen dramatically increased demand for their services

Coca-Cola European Partners build a single digital workforce

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Flexibility is the key to adapting in a disruptive business environment and CCEP, the largest independent Coca-Cola bottler, is leading the way with a digital, mobile workforce

COVID-19 chases cloud into its latest model of adoption

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A third era of cloud adoption is being accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic

How technology is rapidly transforming the way we pay and get paid

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The advance of technology in the past few years has revolutionised our daily lives; think virtual assistants, streaming services and conveniently buying anything from a hotel stay to a car via apps