Expressway to US law

A preparation programme for US bar exams, customised by Barbri International, is launching the careers of lawyers around the world

United States visa law update

Despite the best of intentions, the US is working against itself to give visas to the world’s best and the brightest

Long arm of international law

To date more than one million US and international law graduates have used BARBRI and BARBRI International to prepare for the American bar exams

Legal world of internet of things

A world where everything intelligently connects via mobile networks is no longer something in the distant future – it is already here, increasingly influencing almost every facet of industry and the way we manage our lives, says Purvi Parekh, a partner in Olswang LLP and head of the law firm’s international telecom practice

A question of regulation and security

Within the payments industry, who is responsible for educating the key stakeholders, members of the public, and innovators around the most pertinent regulatory changes, security issues and adoption challenges facing the sector? What is the most essential issue to communicate in 2014? Four thought-leaders each offer an answer

Challenges as economy recovers

The UK economy may be showing signs of sustained recovery, but many corporate treasurers remain optimistically cautious in their outlook, writes Rebecca Brace

Rewriting rule book after crisis

As the financial landscape continues to evolve in the wake of the 2008 banking crisis, corporate treasurers must keep pace with resulting new regulation which could have knock-on effects for corporations, writes Rebecca Brace

New euro data fines on the way

A new European Union data protection regime seeks to safeguard citizens’ privacy and will introduce stringent regulations affecting businesses across Europe, writes Stephen Pritchard