Software can listen to every word


Reviewing audio records is time consuming and expensive unless the right technology is in place, says Epiq Systems

Commodities: The brave new world


As the global commodities sector changes faster than ever, with greater opportunities and challenges opening up, international law firm Reed Smith provides some essential insights on the legal and regulatory issues market participants face

So far, so good with pension reform

Auto-Enrolement staging volumes by year

Elizabeth Pfeuti recounts the story of auto-enrolment so far and advises what to expect next

Harnessing tech to plan retirement

Compared with some elements of running a pension scheme, such as communications or investment strategy, administration may seem rather dull. But it actually represents the beating heart of every scheme – and pensions technology is catching up with this reality.

Who is in the right with 3D printing?

3D printing or copying poses potential problems for manufacturers and designers anxious to protect their rights, but could be an opportunity rather than a threat, as Flemmich Webb reports

Packaging saves lives

Packaging saves lives

Smart packaging can help patients take correct and regular doses of medicines, avoiding complications, even death, as well as costly waste, writes Celestine Cheong

Trading in the 21st Century

It has come under regulatory scrutiny, but high-speed, high-frequency trading has transformed markets, as Rob Langston reports

Game-changer for transatlantic business

Jeff Briginshaw

Jeffries Briginshaw, managing director at BritishAmerican Business in London, asks who knows what is TTIP?