Clamping down on cosmetic cowboys

Moves are underway to regulate the non-surgical cosmetic industry, but the need for greater safeguards against poor practice remains a serious concern

Treasurers shape up as new leaders

Treasurers shape up as new leaders

Liquidity fears, widespread regulatory change and market volatility have led organisations to expect more from corporate treasurers, changing their role in the company

Keeping the cash flowing

Keeping the cash flowing

Corporate treasurers have reinvented themselves in the face of a liquidity crisis which has changed the nature of company finance

Widening the risk management net

Widening the risk management net

Managing and analysing risk is a fundamental part of a corporate treasurer’s job – and the most time consuming

New rules force up price of money

Reform of the financial services sector was essential following the 2008 crisis, but how is new regulation affecting corporate treasurers?

A better way to manage your money


Would you like up to 7 per cent return after fees, low charges and investments tailored to your needs?

Growth of E-discovery

Tech to go bigger, deeper and faster

E-discovery and e-disclosure have been embraced by the law, but which is the best software and what is left to learn?

Systems to satisfy regulators

Systems to satisfy regulators

Technology is playing an ever-increasing role in regulatory compliance among financial services firms