Africa’s stock exchanges anticipate upturn

Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Stock exchanges in Africa will continue to experience highs and lows in the years ahead, but the trajectory is up

Billion-dollar babies born from tech

Roku lists on Nasdaq launch

Buoyant financial markets, with a risk appetite for technology companies, are nurturing more than 200 tech unicorns worldwide

Building unicorns on the stock market

No doubt all startups want to make it big and exit with pockets full of cash, but few manage billion-dollar status

M&A grows as UK economy recovers

M&A grows as UK economy recovers

As the UK economy continues to recover from the financial crash and companies position themselves for growth, mergers and acquisitions are on the rise, writes Rebecca Brace

Private equity’s $1.2 trillion question

Private Equity's $1 trillion question

Cash from private equity is available for investment in unprecedented amounts but, as Elizabeth Pfeuti discovers, fund managers are adopting a more disciplined approach following the financial crash

Private equity: A new approach

How can a 20-year private equity track record combine with a new business model to offer something established advisers can’t?

Good forecast for capital

Thomas Farley, president of the NYSE Group, which includes the New York Stock Exchange, discusses confidence in the economy and capital markets, and the outlook for 2015

M&A Boom

Mid-Market M&A Outlook - Crop

Mid-market companies are expected to spearhead the mergers and acquisitions charge over the coming months, presenting fresh challenges to directors unfamiliar with M&A, writes Elizabeth Pfeuti