Industrial internet of things: too many loopholes for cyber criminals

cyber crime illustration

Inadequate security remains a concern with the industrial internet of things as the number of cyber attacks continues to rise

Connected machines will create better jobs

Rolls-Royce’s IoT systems notify the engineering company when maintenance and upgrades are due

Negative stories have surrounded the internet of things and job losses have been their focus, but a more accurate analysis reveals a shift in the skills needed towards services

Top 5 applications for the industrial internet of things

industrial iot cover

The industrial internet of things is poised for take-off and will be given trajectory by innovative ideas. Here are five of the best

Connected tech is just the thing for the NHS

Doctor in a hospital

There are an extraordinary number of applications in healthcare for the internet of things which will eventually be at the heart of patient care delivery

Harnessing the power of the industrial internet of things

Trains have on-board edge processors to optimise fuel usage, but incorporate cloudbased predictive maintenance to aggregate information with other trains

Industrial companies face a difficult call when deciding the best model for dealing with, analysing and acting on the plethora of data in the industrial internet of things

Asia outpaces Europe’s industrial internet of things adoption

Industrial complex near Mount Fuji in Shizouka City, Japan

The West is playing catch-up as manufacturers in the Far East race ahead with the industrial internet of things

Is your washing machine a security risk?

connected smart kitchen

Devices connected to the internet of things may present a security risk as hackers demonstrate the vulnerability of smart homes to cyber attacks

Beware of home appliances that can attack!

Illustration of a smart home connected to the internet

The internet of things, connecting devices and collecting data, holds great promise for business, but presents a serious cyber-security risk