Bitcoin blazes a trail for digital profits

Bitcoin illustration

Although volatile, cryptocurrencies offer tantalisingly high growth and the potential to move towards a high-tech mainstream

How the open data revolution can push down energy bills

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Innovation in the finance industry will also help consumers and businesses get a better deal on gas and electricity

The eclipse of the speed traders and a lesson for today’s fintechs

Traders looking at computer screens near a large bank of computers

Great technology wasn’t enough to keep the profits rolling for high frequency traders

The Payment Services Directive: why our big banks need to learn to share

City of London

Banks need to take a deep breath as the Payment Services Directive pushes them to share their precious customer information

Can banks afford to ignore blockchain?

Future of Payments special report Raconteur blockchain

The financial sector is investing in blockchain, while not fully embracing it, as bankers wait to see if it’s really the future of payments

Governments in race for blockchain

The Bank of England recently announced the successful test of an interledger programme to synchronise a payment between two central banks’ systems

A distributed ledger, which promises global transparency in financial and other dealings, could become a tool of government in a new age of finance