Smart machines spot fraud and assess risks in banking

Financial services risks

With innovation increasing almost daily, regulatory technology is aiding organisations to tackle complex compliance issues, manage risk and also bust fraud

‘Financial services can become one of the first sectors to help solve the gender gap’

BY GEORGIA HANIAS, head of diversity programmes at Innovate Finance

Innovate Finance recently conducted a survey to find out how women felt about working in the fintech sector. Some 48 per cent of respondents believed fintech was becoming a more attractive space for female talent and 35 per cent felt that female bosses were helpful in achieving their career goals

The future of banking services

BY ANTHONY BROWNE, chief executive of the British Bankers’ Association

The future of everyday banking services is digital with new financial technologies, collectively known as fintech, already transforming the way UK banks and their customers do business

Bridging the generation gap with mobile banking

Digital financial services may appeal to all ages but for different reasons so providers are tailoring varied offerings to a wide range of customers

Are we heading towards a cashless future?

What the future holds for financial services may be the stuff of present-day science fiction – or something far more revolutionary

Banking on keeping secrets and trust

If banks use the financial “secrets” they know about us, is this an invasion of privacy or a useful way of helping us manage our finances?

5 Lessons Fintech could learn from other sectors

The financial services industry may have a thing or two to learn from technological innovations in other sectors

Can Britain be a fintech world leader?

The government is urging the UK financial technology sector to power ahead and create a global centre of wealth-generating innovation and excellence