Do we need a robot tax?

Whether failure to tax robots indirectly subsidises automation remains contentious, but it is an issue that must be dealt with – sooner rather than later

Manufacturing jobs: “new collar” replaces blue collar

Politicians are getting fired up about manufacturing as economic nationalism is on the rise, but how well do they understand blue collar jobs?

How creating a Northern Powerhouse could transform the UK

Siemens wind turbine blade in front of domed building clouds in sky

Hull and the Humber have a central role to play in achieving the aims of the Northern Powerhouse

The concept of total talent management

Total talent management illustration

With changes in employment and work practices, organisations are developing a new concept of total talent management

UK immigration stance is ‘damaging’, say Indian entrepreneurs

Leading businesspeople from the Indian Diaspora warn that the UK government’s stance on immigration is making the country less attractive for investment

New recruits for new projects

As the demands on project professionals grow and employers have to work harder to recruit and retain talent, more companies are seeing the benefits of Association for Project Management corporate accreditation

Evolution of construction

The construction industry plays a vital role in the UK economy, responsible for some 6 per cent of total GDP and 10 per cent of employment – and it is undergoing a radical transformation

Project managers worth their weight in gold

The debate rages whether project management is a profession in its own right, as Charles Orton-Jones reports