Can megaships save the global cruise industry?

Megaships industry

Changing expectations and demographics of cruise passengers have fuelled demand for vast liners offering countless on-board experiences, and competition is starting to heat up

How fraud could destabilise global economies

Fraud, like the mythical Hydra of Ancient Greece, is a many-headed foe that is capable of disrupting society in a number of ways

How responsible mining can benefit economies

Conveyor belt moving rock ore in the production plant at Randgold Resources’ LouloGounkoto complex in Mali

Mining has a major impact on the environment, but it also represents a valuable opportunity to benefit national economies and local communities

Fertility crisis threatens Japan’s economy

People walking in Japanese city at sunset

Low fertility rates and an ageing population are an unwelcome combination threatening Japan’s economic future

The complexity of measuring productivity of the UK workforce

Measuring UK economic productivity

Measurement of productivity is at best an inexact science, which loses meaning as the economy becomes more complex, so why is it deemed so important?

The freelance CIO boosts the startup economy

CIO going freelance

An experienced chief information officer who goes freelance has much to offer, particularly to enterprising startups, and can reap worthwhile rewards

Next household names in UK digital

Next household names in UK digital

The spirit of innovation runs deep in the UK and there are plenty of thriving young companies – here are ten that look set for success in 2017

UK makers march on despite Brexit…

Nissan factory

The real test for manufacturers is not the change that Brexit brings, but how they respond to the change