Movie technology to save billions

As the NHS and other public-sector organisations work to go paperless in 2018, a technology originally developed for digital imaging and movie innovation is leading the way

Boxing clever with digital

Boxing clever with digital

Digital packaging looks set to transform markets, the supply chain and brand-consumer communication, writes Felicia Jackson

The Digital Revolution

“Simplify the cloud” is a common request, but all too often it is still articulated in very technical terms. Rob Price, head of digital at Atos UK&I, offers an alternative, four-point simplification and considers how organisations are transforming their businesses to thrive in a digital economy

An absolute intolerance of failure

Association for Project Management chairman Mike Nichols explains the idea behind the association’s challenging and inspirational vision

Focus on photographic images

Michael Pritchard, director general of the Royal Photographic Society, plots the progress of photography to a fully accepted art form

Digital painting with pixels

Like art, photography has always been driven by experimentation and innovation, writes Kevin Carter who describes the leap from analogue to digital

New era of photo printing beckons

Tim Rudman tracks the continuing development of photographic printing from darkroom to digital ‘lightroom’

Hurricane blows in change

The globalisation and democratisation of technological innovations, including online social media, have created new opportunities, writes Jonathan Shaw