Knowing how to sell to the over-65s

Over 65 shopping

The over-65s are thriving with online retail, so how can ecommerce brands ensure they are catering to several generations at once, each with their own characteristics and shopping habits?

How companies can earn brand loyalty

Brand loyalty

In an always-on era, achieving brand loyalty is more challenging than ever. Not only is the competition fast and fierce, but consumers are increasingly empowered and ready to bite back

Putting people at the core of design

Human-centred design

Human-centred design is gaining prominence and has cemented itself as a core pillar of business strategy

Can money buy happiness after all?

Behavioural economics can reveal useful insights into our motivations and feelings when parting with hard-earned money

Understanding the science of decision-making

Exploring why we behave the way we do can unlock key customer insights for brands and have a significant impact on the bottom line

Should investing be left to machines?

Understanding ingrained behavioural biases can help investors improve decision-making and identify irrationalities, but it is not an exact science

Taking the emotion out of trading

The emotional and mental state of those investing in financial markets can dictate their decision-making, but whose responsibility is it to ensure customers don’t get reckless?

The rise of new consumer tribes

When consumption patterns can no longer be defined by traditional factors, such as age, gender or location, consumer tribes grouped by their collective common behaviours and interests begin to emerge. But what does this mean for the modern marketer?