Soft skills in HR need a reboot, here’s why

The technology revolution of the past 12 years or so has brought huge benefits for organisations and the people who work in them

How collaboration powers productivity

Slack on phone

Effective communication and collaboration can not only spark creativity and innovation, productivity also increases

Creating change: watch your language to be heard

Effective communication may be as much science as art, but it is increasingly important in an era of information overload

Are we witnessing the death of e-mail?

E-mail may swamp workers’ inboxes and become an unwieldy, time-wasting diversion, but there are alternatives which can supplement, if not entirely replace, this now traditional form of communication

Bring your device to work but keep to company rules

The advantages of allowing employees to bring their own technology to work outweigh the risks, but security of company data must be safeguarded

Workplace of tomorrow has top comms

A unified communications and collaboration strategy that allows staff to work where and when they choose can also boost commitment and engagement among sometimes dispersed employees

Staying in touch with video-calling

Businesses can unify diverse locations with upmarket video-calling, which brings management or executive teams together, seemingly in the same room

Bright outlook for business in the cloud

Organisations are increasingly attracted by cloud-based services to handle all sorts of communications, including telephony, audio and video-conferencing, and e-mail, as well as data storage, network provision and security